It’s 2010, and pirate attacks around the Horn of Africa are at their height.

The West has yet to start sending naval escorts to protect the ships and freighters that ply the sea lanes along this dangerous coast. The US President is worried, though. He wants to protect US shipping. A Presidential ‘Black’ Executive Order is released, and a small contingent of US Navy SEALs are placed on key US ships traversing the area with orders to repel attackers at all costs. The use of extreme force is authorised as a final option, but these missions must be kept secret. The public won’t accept the blatant murder of pirates so only ships where the captain and crew sign a secrecy agreement will be protected.

Newly promoted Navy SEAL Lieutenant John Deacon leads a small team of dedicated warriors determined to stop the pirates in their tracks, but the pirates soon learn of the defenders and change tactics.

Can Deacon and his team stop the pirates and protect the ships while keeping their mission secret?

The fate of America lies in the hands of one team of US SEALs.

The US mainland is under threat as never before. Osama bin Laden is dead, and the world can relax. Or can they? Remaining leaders of Al-Qaeda want revenge, and they want it against the USA. When good fortune smiles on them and the opportunity presents itself to use stolen weapons of mass destruction, it's Game On!

Al-Qaeda leaders devise a plan so audacious if it succeeds it will destroy the USA for good. With help from Iran and from a US Navy traitor, it can't fail.

One team of US SEALs stand in their way. One team of US SEALs can save America and the West. However, time is running out.

Will they be too late?

As the Iraqi Forces build up for the liberation of Mosul, ISIS wants revenge.

The UK and USA are in their sights ...

In a daring rescue mission to release aid workers held hostage by ISIS, US Navy SEAL John Deacon stumbles across an ISIS revenge plot using deadly weapons stolen from Saddam's regime.

Masterminded by Deacon's old adversary, Saif the Palestinian, and too late to save the UK, Deacon and the world can only watch in horror as thousands suffer a terrible fate.

Determined to stop the same outcome in the US, it's a race against time.

Using all the resources he can muster including his friends in the Pentagon, Deacon must find and stop Saif before the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans are ruined forever...

Once a respected US Navy SEAL, now shunned by friends and colleagues and wanted by the police, John Deacon has gone rogue ...

Recruited by a fanatical religious cult intent on returning the USA to the ways of God, and headed by a man known as The General, Deacon’s weapons skills and combat knowledge are put to treacherous use ...

Deacon has crossed a line ...  But has he gone too far? Can he ever cross back?

In a world violated by terror, the once black and white terms of engagement have become gray.

One man is determined to stop World War Three.

Now a civilian, to the public ex-US Navy SEAL John Deacon is a businessman running his own security company offering personal protection to VIPs and dignitaries.

Only a few very senior people under the President know the truth ...

Funded with ‘black’ money from secret funds, Deacon is the guy the President calls on when certain dilemmas or complications need resolving. Dilemmas and complications the President can later deny.

From helping rescue hostages taken by Boko Haram to the delicate discussions with a would-be defector - the daughter of a senior Chinese official - Deacon handles it all.

But when an enemy submarine starts attacking shipping and China plans to impose passage taxes in the South China Sea, and the US and China move closer and closer to all-out war, Deacon takes on his biggest and most dangerous mission yet.

Deep behind enemy lines and with the odds stacked heavily against him, capture will mean certain death.

Success or failure is a mere hairsbreadth apart ...

Bright lights over the Arctic.


A mysterious new super-weapon.


The inexplicable disappearance of an international Arctic weather monitoring station, along with its staff.


Is there a connection?


Russia has developed a secret new weapon able to shoot down missiles, aircraft, and satellites, making the USA’s and the West’s entire defense strategy redundant overnight.

With relationships already at breaking point, the U.S. cannot be seen to respond militarily.

The President’s hands are tied.

With nowhere else to turn, he calls on the one person he can trust to get the job done.

John Deacon answers the President’s call and rises to the challenge. This time, he takes along an old friend.

From the heat and humidity of South America to the icy wilderness of the Arctic Plains, from Washington to Moscow, and beyond . . .

As always, Deacon will go to whatever lengths necessary to keep the world safe.

But with a target on his head, and the Grim Reaper nipping at his heels, how much longer can Deacon’s luck hold out?

The daughter of a close friend dies after taking an ecstasy tablet laced with carfentanil ...


A friend and head of the US Drug Enforcement Agency is kidnapped on a trip to Mexico ...


When asked to help in both situations, Deacon cannot say no.

His mission takes him from New York’s backstreets to the forests of Mexico and on to deepest, darkest Africa.


With a price on his head, Deacon is determined to avenge his friends and make a difference ...