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About the Author

Born in Bristol, England, I was always an avid reader. I've worked in Europe and travelled fairly extensively. I have written various sailing articles and had them published in magazines. Having lived and worked in the Middle East for a number of years, I believe I have a good understanding of the region. I used that experience to write my first full novel 'The Jaws of Revenge' quickly followed by my second, 'Terror of the Innocent'.

Both star US Navy SEAL John Deacon and some of his colleagues in the Pentagon. Both also feature his adversary, Saif the Palestinian - an ex-Navy traitor whose mission in life is to destroy the West and, in particular, the USA.

The books I read are from great writers such as Andy McNab, David Baldacci, Brad Thor, Patrick Robinson, Chris Ryan, etc. I think mine are in a similar style. If you like adventure/thriller novels like I do and like the same writers as I do, then try reading mine. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed! 
See the previous page for details of my first two adventures starring US Navy SEAL, John Deacon.